In addition to our close friendship for more than thirty years, we decided to establish our own consultancy center with the experience of professional and volunteer work we have carried out in the field of education over the years.

We want to bring international education opportunities to young people who grow up as global citizens in the 21st century and accompany them on their unique journey that will carry them to their dreams.

Ebru Fergan

Studying abroad has always been my dream!

I finished high school in Canada with the scholarship I won at the age of 16. During my high school years, which I remember with great pleasure, I had the privilege of taking advantage of the numerous social activities offered, while studying in depth in all fields such as philosophy, history, mathematics and art, taking into account intellectual approaches as required by the academic program of IB (International Baccalaureate). It was there that I learned to dive with sea lions for the first time in the ocean 🙂 While embracing an international perspective, I won my second scholarship to the London School of Economics (LSE) and completed my university education in London.

When I returned to Turkey, I took a break from my professional life for our growing family after having experiences in established corporate companies. However, since I want to support young people once like me who want to benefit from international education opportunities, I have been continuing my work voluntarily for years as the founding member and president of a social responsibility association serving in this direction. In this process, I am very happy to help and encourage dozens of students in their international education adventure.

In addition to scuba diving, I continue to develop myself as a passionate tile artist and enjoy flying trapeze.

I am married and mother of two children.

Canan Elif Bayraktaroğlu

Education without boundaries!

I was born in Germany, after completing secondary school in Germany, I continued my education life in Turkey. Educational differences between the two countries have always been among my interest and criticism since my student years. While I was studying German Language Teaching at Istanbul University, I started my career in the tourism sector and gained 12 years of international working experience with countries such as Germany, Austria and USA.

In 2002, I decided to switch to the field of education which was in my heart and started my school life as a German teacher in a private education institution. I continued my professional education career, as a teacher, in administrative positions in established educational institutions as a secondary school vice principal, high school vice principal and primary school principal. In addition to my field of experiences in education, I completed my master’s degree in Philosophy at Maltepe University.

Apart from my professional life, I have been happily continuing my voluntary work for years as a founding member of a social responsibility association that provides services to support young people who want to benefit from international education opportunities.

In addition to the field of education, all kinds of activities that bring me closer to nature such as swimming, walking, gardening, especially sailing, are in my field of special interest.

I am married and mother of a child.